Underrated Movies on Netflix & Amazon Prime

Personally, I prefer to binge a show, but when I am in the mood for a movie I never know what to pick! It usually consists of entering down a rabbit hole of deciding on which movie to emotionally commit to. Not sure about you, but this process is especially delayed when you’re trying to agree on something. Thankfully, I’ve already watched a few movies and vetted them for you!

I’ve selected 4 Amazon Prime movies and 4 Netflix movies, along with a couple honorable mentions.

Amazon Prime

Trafficked – Yup, this is exactly what it sounds like. The main characters are three women, from very different parts of the world, that find themselves living in the same brothel located in Houston, TX. The story line explains how all three of them get to this point in their lives, and how they deal with their situation.

The Lincoln Lawyer – First off, Matthew McConaughey is the lead, and that’s all you really need to know. This is a thriller/drama movie centered around a charming defense attorney who makes a career defending notorious criminals.

Troop Zero – My best friend and I were getting the chills, tearing up, and every emotion in between watching this movie. The story line is centered around a misfit group of tweens that form together to create a girl scout troop, but of course the only remaining troop number was “zero”, hence “Troop Zero”. Troop Zero is a kick ass, heartwarming movie that you can watch with anyone.

I Can Only Image – This film details the life of Bart Millard – his struggles at home, toxic and abusive father, and passion for music and Christ. After high school, Bart seeks out a career within the Christian music industry, traveling and playing shows all over. Just as he has lost all hope, he writes the song “I Can Only Imagine”, and his wildest dreams come true. Best of all, this movie is based on a true story.


Molly’s Game – If you’re a fan of Jessica Chastain or Idris Elba, you’re guaranteed to love this, and if you aren’t, you’re still going to love this. Molly’s Game is a fast-paced crime/drama movie based on a self-made female bad ass who make a career out of hosting her own exclusive, world-class poker games from a rented penthouse. Molly is intelligent, instinctive, charismatic, and can hang.

21 – Focused around the a MIT pre-med student, searching for a means to finance his $300,000 tuition bill at Harvard Med. Ben Campbell, the lead, quickly becomes the newest team member of an underground card-counting squad after he catches his professor’s attention. 21 is frustrating, exciting, and a solid watch.

Secret Obsession – Featuring the Suite Life’s star, Brenda Song aka “London Tipton”, this thriller is exciting, disturbing, and slightly predictable. Jennifer, the main character, suffers a major head trauma and is left memory-impaired while her husband, Russell, takes care of her as she readjusts to life.

The Gift – Hello, Jason Bateman! This mystery, psychological thriller is based on a high school bully’s victim coming back later in life to haunt him. Gordo, the target of Simon’s intimidation, has done his due diligence on Simon’s successful, flourishing, “perfect” life and has carefully mapped out his redemption.

Notable Mentions

The Commuter (Amazon Prime) – Starring our favorite, Liam Neeson, the majority of this film takes place on a commuter train. While Michael takes the evening commuter train home, he is tasked with a high-pressure, intense, agenda, to identify a stranger on the train. He’s forced to use his wits and instinct as his family and life are on the line.

The Platform (Netflix) – If you’re in the mood for something dark, twisted, and somewhat frightening, this is your pick! The Platform is a modern torture chamber, an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization. The members are randomly placed on “levels” which dictates their quality of life, living in fear and isolation with strangers.

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