A Love Letter to Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce

I love, love, LOVE this show. When I first committed to the show, I thought it was only 3 seasons, but I was pleasantly surprised with 5! I love the dynamic of the “chicks before dicks” friend group, one of them being the divorce attorney for the others. Please note there are *spoilers* in this post, so beware.

First, I want to address how completely random it was for Lyla to never return after a weekend away with her two sons, but I’m sure there were politics or other reasoning behind that. Anyways, the show is wonderful, extremely entertaining, and left me venturing on 4-hour long benders late into the night, hysterically cracking up in my bed alone.

I would like to mention the following instances in the show that left me wanting to rip my hair out:

  • Lydia cheating on Gordon the weeks leading up to her wedding
  • Phoebe dating JD and getting eloped
  • Abby bringing fajitas to Mike’s work (concerned about him spending late hours with Colette)
  • Jake knocking up Becca, and then her giving birch to Taye Diggs’ baby
  • Abby thinking it was a good idea to move Mike’s family in
  • Jo causing a scene at Zooey’s tennis match
  • Phoebe and Marco, the entirety of that relationship
  • Abby dragging her young Will back and forth over her tumultuous relationship with Jake
  • Abby hosting the most awkward Thanksgiving dinner featuring special guests, Alex (young boyfriend), Marco, and Delia’s father
  • Barbara sleeping with her ex – she seriously should have stayed with Darrell

I’m curious to hear your thoughts, do you think Delia would have been happily married to Gordon? I think so! The girlfriends were against the idea, but personally I think they made a pretty killer couple. Delia, you are beyond stunning, brilliant, cunning, and the baddest bitch in the room at all times. Seriously, if I had to pick the ultimate “d-day squad”, I’d pick Delia (Jo is a close second). By the way, Delia, your daughter is precious! I wonder if Tony ends up being in that child’s life.

Oh Phoebe sister…why all the sporadic relationships with men that don’t measure up? Seriously you are a bombshell! There’s no way Marco or JD could have given you everything you wanted and were worth losing alimony. I was hoping that Ralph was going to turn a corner, but we got a better sense of his character later in the show. By the season 5 finale, I was really into the idea of Phoebe and Tess. Throwback to the earlier seasons when Phoebe was running around in a love triangle?!

Jo, you are my soul sister and I respect the hell out of you for expressing every emotion that comes your way. You are the cast member I’d love to meet most. Between Rize, Shyne, the medication-kickboxing classes, any trauma of dealing with Frumpkis for years on end, you seriously are a queen. I love your energy, drive, and refusal to take shit from anybody. I’m so glad that she found her way to “Bald Eagle” (Albert) and I was more than happy to see them expecting in the season finale.

Barbara, Barbara, Barbara. You came off really cold with Abby, but I’m happy you found your way into the friend group. You are grounded, rational, and stand up for yourself. I was so excited to see Barbara and Abby jump in together on “Lady Parts”, I was so happy to see that addition to the show. But Barbara, why did you have to go and end things with Darrell?! I mean he was loving, resilient, successful, and adored you. Why dump him for your trash ex?! I just don’t understand. You must have not been that into Darrell, but I’m happy he ended your dry spell in the dating scene.

Then there’s Miss Abby McCarthy. Abby, you are the modern day, wine-loving, uptight, neurotic Wonderwoman. I love Abby’s character and I can relate to a lot of her decisions and reasoning. I understand wanting to have everything together, running around like you’ve got your head cut off, and finally collapsing from exhaustion. Abby’s benders were exhausting to watch, but I’m sure a lot of people have been there too. I love how Abby is constantly doing something, sometimes it’s a success, and sometimes it’s a flop. No matter what, Abby McCarthy always comes back stronger, smarter, and tougher than before. I adore you, Abby. I’m happy she ended up with Mike, still in her beautiful home.

The season 5 finale was beautiful. Somehow, in the last few minutes, everything became full circle. The ending scene felt like perfect harmony, and everything had come together. Jo and Albert, Phoebe and Tess, Abby and Mike (married!), Barbara and her mystery man, Delia and her daughter, and then the spin off of Jake being newly divorced (HA). This was one of the few finales where I was completely at peace with everything. THANK YOU!

I absolutely adore this show and would love to hear your thoughts on GGTD. However, this show did leave me with one concerning thought…I feel destined to get a divorce??

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