How & Why I Use My Clothing Rack

I was inspired to purchase a clothing rack after seeing one in my friend’s room. I asked her, “You already have two closets, so what’s the purpose of this here rack?” She replied, “I hang items that do not get enough use, or statement items to inspire outfits.” She was a genius – what a great idea!

I mean, how many items do you have hanging in your closet that you’ve never worn? Or perhaps, worn only once? Or even “dominating” items that don’t pair well with the majority of your closet?

I started thinking, and realized I loved this idea. Being the planner that I am, I intend on using my rack to plan my Monday – Friday work outfits (speaking in future-tense because it is currently quarantine, and jeans have been nonexistent lately).

Currently at the base of the rack, I’ve added a three-level shoe rack to store commonly-worn shoes. I like this use of space because it gives me a view of all my shoes, instead of letting them accumulate dust in my closet and be forgotten about.

I’ve also considered using the rack for inspiration, like my friend. Ideally, I’d find a few tops/bottoms that I hadn’t given enough love, and hang them up. BOOM! They’d be in my face every single day, and if I couldn’t get myself to wear them, they belonged in somebody else’s closet.

Personally, I like every single item in my closet, or did at some point at least. I’m hoping that my clothing rack will bring back excitement to wearing each individual piece of my wardrobe, and make it obvious which pieces no longer need to be with me.

Finally, I wanted to mention another closet “hack”. Another friend of mine mentioned hanging items on a rack, and after they were worn to “turn” them around. For example, in my closet all my items “face” me, with the hook of the hanger turned in so the curve faces outwards, and the front of the piece is facing left. In this scenario, you would place the worn item “backwards”, so the curve faces inward and the front of the item is facing right. Very quickly it becomes obvious which items you’re wearing, and which you’re not.

After an entire season, you would ideally reevaluate the purpose of the unworn items. Did you not wear them because you don’t have any items to match? Did you not have the right occasion? Or do you simply not like that piece?

I purchased my clothing rack on Facebook Marketplace, but you can find them on Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart, etc. I chose a rack with a stand bottom (no rollers), because I was afraid of stability, and I knew I wasn’t going to be moving the rack around my room.

Here are a few racks that I was considering purchasing online before I found mine. There are dozens of them, as cheap as $20, but I had a particular style in mind.

$30 – Amazon

$90 – Wayfair

$51 – Home Depot

Comment/link below your favorite bedroom and home accessories & decorations.

One thought on “How & Why I Use My Clothing Rack

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