I Didn’t Wash My Hair for 10 Days

Yes, you read that correctly, 10 days. No shampoo, no conditioner, but perhaps a bit of dry shampoo.

So why? Why go 10 days without washing my hair? I watched this video where this woman was inspired to revive her hair/hair routine, so she stopped washing her hair. Her take on it was a “reset” for her hair health.

Supposedly, after 10 days, your hair undergoes a drastic change in texture. Did this myth prove true? Yes! My hair definitely feels more coarse, but it feels to have a bit more volume to it too.

Before this experiment, I was in a routine of washing my hair twice per week. According to my friends, this is pretty average. Some are once a week, some are every day, but every 3-4 days seems perfectly reasonable.

Personally, the most annoying thing about this all is finding a hair washing schedule that aligns with your social plans. Previously, I was in a routine of washing my hair on Thursday (morning or evening). This way my hair was clean for the weekend, when I’d be out and about with friends and potentially being photographed for Instagram.

Quarantine has been the PERFECT time to try out a new hair experiment, particularly one that avoids washing you hair.

You’re probably wondering what the 10 days were like. The first few days felt normal, but by day 5/6 my hair felt extremely greasy and I could only manage to wear it in a bun without being embarrassed.

I was still getting my hair wet every single day, but no soap. I’m not sure if getting it wet or not has any effect, but it felt like the right thing to do, especially after workouts.

By day 9, I saw a change in my hair. I could put it in a middle part ponytail and it didn’t appear to be extremely greasy. Even my friends were surprised when I shared this information with them.

So what’s next? To be honest, I don’t plan on washing my hair for another few days. I read that it can be harmful to your scalp if you go prolonged periods of time without a wash, so if I notice excessive itching or irritation, I will break the “streak” and finally wash my hair.

I was slightly concerned about the smell of my hair, so I sprayed on a light layer of scented dry shampoo before seeing other people. Not sure if this did anything, but it made me feel better!

Once quarantine is over and we can go back to normal, I’d like to get in a once-a-week routine of washing my hair. I will most likely stick with Thursdays, for the aforementioned reasoning.

Do you have a hair routine you’re obsessing over? Or something you’ve always wanted to try? Comment below and I’ll give it a shot!

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